Helpful Tips to Selecting a Term Paper Writing Topic

Duncan, a writer at Academic Writing Help shares his insights on how to select a term paper writing topic.

Selecting a good term paper topic is very crucial for creating a good term paper. Unfortunately, many students face an uphill when selecting a term paper topic. They scratch their heads, burn the midnight oil, but nothing comes out. Surprisingly, they settle for a mediocre term paper topic which they could have overheard from a friend. The era of struggling to select a term paper topic is long gone, because we are here to help you select a good term paper such that you will not only enjoy the process of writing, but also create a high-quality term paper that attracts an A.

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Karen is shopping at Big Mart. She has with her an umbrella which is the same br

Karen is shopping at Big Mart. She has with her an umbrella which is the same brand Big Mart carries. When a Big Mart employee Steve sees her leave with the umbrella without going through the checkout lane he asks her to come back into the store. Steve says that he thinks Karen is shoplifting the umbrella. Karen tells him that she has had the umbrella for years and shows him marks of wear and tear. Steve apologizes and tells Karen she is free to go. Can Karen successfully sue for false imprisonment or defamation? From what you have learned about the relationship between a principal and an agent analyze whether Steve or Big Mart could be liable because of Steves actions.

Job Diagnostics Survey

Give the JDS instrument to TWO individuals. They should be individuals with professional jobs and minimum of a Bachelors degree (preferably in business). You must provide some detail about them (name, education, workplace, job title) and you must provide their answers to the questions. Then, perform the MPS calculations for both individuals. Then, ask them to state “the one job characteristic that, if augmented, would increase their MPS.”

Procedural Email

Write a procedural email message to employees reminding them of standard operating procedures or organizational changes that take the form of step-by-step instructions. Be creative, or use an issue applicable to your work environment.

The message should take the form of an email.

The procedural message must adhere to the following requirements:

Introduce the main idea of the message in a concise, informative manner.
Itemize three to five (3-5) key points with detail.
Provide information about where and to whom questions should be directed.
Use a descriptive subject line or heading.
Use bullets to separate ideas and simplify reading.
Include an appropriate and professional greeting / salutation.
Use email form including: To:, From:, Subject:, and Signature.
Clarity / Mechanics:
Ensure that there are no grammar or spelling errors.
Ensure that there are no clarity, writing, and mechanical errors.
Your assignment must:

Be typed, single-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.

Describe the normal pathophysiology of gastric acid stimulation and production

Write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following:
Describe the normal pathophysiology of gastric acid stimulation and production. Explain the changes that occur to gastric acid stimulation and production with GERD, PUD, and gastritis disorders.
Explain how the factor you selected might impact the pathophysiology of GERD, PUD, and gastritis. Describe how you would diagnose and prescribe treatment of these disorders for a patient based on the factor you selected.
Construct a mind map for gastritis. Include the epidemiology, pathophysiology, and clinical presentation, as well as the diagnosis and treatment you explained in your paper.

Religious studies

This paper is a 5 page paper which could be about anything to do with religion. Our professor did not give a rubrik and said we could do the paper on what ever we wanted to. For example the conflict between Religion and atheism or the conflict between palistine and Isreal. It could be based on anything. Im leaving the topic to the writer.
The paper needs to use 2 outside resources
You need to start with a Thesis that is your own idea which takes a position opposing or agreeing with the reader or others.
Thesis needs to be strong and clear.
The paper need to support the Thesis statment at all times.

Stock Analysis

Two Pages Double Space

Please analyze these two stocks

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. (VRX)

Sanchez Energy Corporation (SN)

1. Company Overview
2. Industry Overview
3. Ratio Analysis
4. Major Competitors
5. Why they dropped down a lot in March, 2017
6. Why they are still good to hold.

Need presentation

Resource: Brochure Builder
Complete each part of this assignment in your collaborative group using the following scenario:
Imagine your collaborative group has been asked to create an informative resource to educate a sector of the public on a particular agency that provides oversight for the health care industry. Whichever resource you choose to create, it should answer the following question:
What is the primary purpose of health care regulatory agencies?

“Getting Started With the Internet”

“Getting Started With the Internet” please respond to the following:

Jennifer Gefsky, founder of Apres, saw a need and opportunity to start her own business and used the Internet to make it happen. Share with your instructor and peers your thoughts on the following questions.
1. What do you use the Internet for most often?
2. Have you ever thought of creating something new and using the Internet to bring it to life?