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Essay Writing

An essay is a short piece of writing that addresses a particular topic. Just like any other piece of writing, essay writing follows certain rules. For instance, when writing an essay, you are required to have an introduction, body and conclusion.

The introduction; you need to introduce the topic and state the thesis statement- the main idea of the essay. The thesis statement is the last sentence of the introduction.  

The body; you are required to support the thesis statement. The body contains the topic sentences; these are the main points of the essay and should appear at the start of each paragraph. After stating the topic sentence, the student should proceed to explain the topic sentence by providing evidence. Note: the content of the body will depend on the number of points and/or the instructions given by your professor.

The conclusion: This is the last paragraph of the essay. In the conclusion, the first sentence should restate the thesis statement. The other sentences should summarize the main points in the body.

In summary, essay writing is simple, you just need to tell us what you are going to tell us; this is the introduction. Then tell us what you said you will tell us; this is the body. Finally, tell us what you have just told us; this is the conclusion.

At, we have a team of experts who can handle any type of essay that you need. Do you need an Argumentative Essay, Analytical Essay, Reflective or Reaction Essay? Our experts are ready to come up with well-tailored masterpiece that meets your expectations.

Research Paper Writing

Writing a research paper requires extensive research on a particular subject. Students, therefore, are required to dig deeper into research materials to come up with strong evidence to support the thesis statement. Unfortunately, students do not have enough time to conduct an extensive research because of other assignments and the need to prepare for the final examinations.

At, we are committed to ensuring that you get high-quality research papers so that you can dedicate enough time to some other important tasks. Our team of professional writers have skills and over 10 years’ experience in writing all types of research papers. Do you need an Argumentative Research Paper, Analytical Research Paper or a Comparison Research Paper? If the answers to any of the questions is YES, then send us the paper details or place an order. We assure you that when you turn in your research paper for marking, you will wonder why you didn’t leave a tip.

Dissertation Writing

A dissertation is a requirement for all institutions as a fulfilment for the award of a degree. Students face an uphill when writing a dissertation because of the extensive research required. Furthermore, students should collect data and perform statistical analysis, write report and present the findings.

At, we are ready to handle your dissertation on whatever topic that you may choose. We will help you do all the chapters, including designing the presentation. We have a team of experts that can handle any type of a dissertation in any academic field.  

At, we approach dissertation writing systematically per chapter. We will keep you updated as we move from chapter to chapter. For instance, we will send you chapter one before proceeding to chapter two; the literature review. Similarly, we will update you on the literature review before proceeding to the methodology and so on. This will to familiarize you with the dissertation as the writing proceeds. Place an order today and enjoy our dissertation writing service.

Homework Help

Professors give out homework to test the understanding of students on a particular subject or topic. You may find yourself with much homework from different classes. We have good news for you. You can send us the homework details and we will help you do it. We wish to remind you that we can handle any type of homework, starting from humanities to mathematics.  We not only provide a paper that attracts the top grade, but also deliver the homework in time. Is your paper due in 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 2 days……, or 1 week? Don’t worry, we will beat any deadline that you specify. Just check our prices and select the deadline that you want. Online Class Help

In some cases, lecturers require the students to take online classes either as a replacement or a supplement to the physical lectures. At, we provide online class help at an affordable price. All you need to do is to send us the class details and we will assign the expert in your field as you sleep tight.

Our expert will handle all the online class assignments; the essays, the discussion and the final project. This will give you enough time to prepare for the final examinations. Furthermore, we will help prepare for the final exam by preparing topic summaries for you.

We remind you however, that at we don’t disclose the client’s personal details.  Our confidentiality policy protects you from disclosing the details to third party. Be sure, therefore, that no one will know that you used our services.

Other Services

Other services include; Admission Essay writing, Proofreading and Editing Services, Resume Writing, among others.

Admission Essay

Some universities and colleges in the United States and the United Kingdom require the applicants to attach an admission essay on the application form to determine their writing skills. The admission essay carries some weight on whether your application will be rejected or accepted. To increase the chances of being accepted, therefore, you should hire us to write the admission essay for you. Our experts have over 10 years’ experience in admission essays for student applicants in top universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. For confidentiality reason, we cannot display those admission essays on our website, but you can visit our blog for original samples of the admission essays. Please note that these samples were written by our experts and are 100% original. Using the samples, therefore, without proper acknowledgement will lead to plagiarism.  We, at, however, understand that you don’t need to copy the samples, because they are meant to help you find inspiration to write your own.  If you need help from our experts, send us the details or place an order and we will assign the admission essay writer immediately.

Proofreading and Editing Services

Proofreading and Editing is important for creating a high-quality research paper or an essay. At, we have editors in every academic field that can proofread and edit your essay or a research paper. Just send us the written paper and we will correct all the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.  Our editors have over 10 years’ experience in editing, which means that you will be sure of 100% perfect paper.

We also have powerful plagiarism checker tool which we use to check if your paper is non-plagiarized. If we find that the paper is plagiarized, we help you remove the plagiarized parts by rewriting the content and properly acknowledging the sources.  After confirming that your paper has met the requirements of copyright policy, we send you your complete essay or research paper together with the plagiarism report.  At, therefore, we follow a vigorous process just to ensure that you get high-quality non-plagiarized research paper or essay.