Guide to Learn How to Write an Expository Essay

The essay is one of the main types of work in school, college, or university. Its writing requires careful preparation and a certain amount of time. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that essays are divided into different types. You need to consider certain peculiarities when doing the work. One of the most difficult types of essays is the expository essay. It requires an in-depth study of information and scrupulous data collection. It is discussed below how to do this kind of work correctly.

What is an Expository Essay, and Why Is It Necessary?

An expository essay is a paper that presents facts. Contrasts and comparisons and analysis of cause and effect are used here to express the position. Writing an expository essay is an important skill that every student needs. But if there is no time, there is always the essay writing service that will be the island where you can quickly get all the papers you need. If you decide to do the task on your own, don’t try to take a certain position or show harshness or friendliness. Just put the verified facts and available observations into the text so that they say it all for you.

The Main Purpose of an Explanatory Essay

An expository essay is created to educate the reader and provide reliable information. If you are able to convince your audience of something or entertain certain personalities, it will be excellent. But this is not the main motive for writing an essay.

Your task is to compose the text in such a way that the reader will not doubt your expertise on the chosen topic. At the same time, the paper should not contain any statements about the correctness/incorrectness of the issue being researched. Consider that you have no personal opinion, be unbiased.

Types of Expository Essays

Explanatory essays are divided into several types. Familiarize yourself with their features so that you understand what to write about. This will allow you to make a certain plan and provide the audience with maximum useful information.

Classification Essays

A classification essay is a description of different objects that fall into the same category. It is necessary to provide the reader with the characteristics of each individual object and to describe how it is related to the rest of the elements of the group. For example, you need to write a classification essay about service dogs. A succinct beginning is the thesis statement. Specify in it the difference between service breeds and other categories of dogs. Then, move on to the individual paragraphs. Here, indicate each specific breed (German Shepherd, Malinois, Doberman), discussing its characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.

Definition Essay

The definition essay provides clear facts about a specific subject. Your work may question certain myths. For example, stories from the past. Only now, you will provide first-hand information, discuss the trends of the time (politics, society, economics), and formulate what exactly influenced the development of the event or its perception by others.

Process Essay

A process essay is necessary to familiarize the reader with the order of tasks. As an option, recall a recipe. It is very similar to an essay of this type. The opening paragraph should describe the process in question. The main part provides an overview of each step. The conclusion gives an explanation of exactly what the reader should get out of the step-by-step task.

A Compare-and-Contrast Essay

It is necessary to support your thesis in this type of essay. To do this, you need cited sources. Identify the similarities and differences between them, providing your readers with all the nuances. You might take the dress code at your school and at a neighboring institution as the basis for comparison, for example. Consider all the differences. For example, what items of clothing and footwear are allowed/forbidden, and how strictly each institution’s dress code is followed.

Cause-and-Effect Essay

The essay explains how some events influence the occurrence of others. In some cases, the paper traces a chain of actions that led to a certain outcome. You could consider a change in market trends over several decades as a cause. The consequence would be the impact on economic industries in the region.

Order of Construction of Expository Essays

Explanatory essays are created according to a standard structure. The introduction, the main part, and the conclusion are used here. If we consider each part separately, they are as follows:

  • the introduction presents the reader with the topic of your essay and the main thesis statement. It should be catchy and use intriguing facts. Help the audience understand and accept your thesis by providing evidence;
  • the main body part includes several paragraphs. Each one contains a specific idea. As a rule, 3-5 paragraphs are used.
  • the conclusion summarizes the information presented in the essay. Here you need to put the thesis in a different formulation to highlight the key points from the basis. Sum up and finish the thought so that the audience has no questions.

Follow the structure to create a great text. Don’t forget about stylistics, grammar, and punctuation. Be sure to proofread the essay and correct mistakes before turning it in.


An expository essay is a time-consuming task that requires the collection of facts. You have to educate the reader and provide him with maximum useful information. On the one hand, the essay is not particularly different from its analogs in terms of structure. On the other hand, you are required to have a competent approach and a lot of time to find reliable information. Follow the simple recommendations when completing your work, and it will delight your readers.